DNAverse is a decentralized platform focused on the replication of organic life on the metaverse through customized Art pieces created with real DNA data. A new digital movement that pursues to build a community to be the pillars of a geneticized life in the digital world.
DNAverse aims to preserve organic life in blockchain mixing both worlds organically. Our first mission is to safeguard the origin of life, some tiny biomolecules but essential for organic life, the proteins.
To make this possible, our first step is to start replicating digitally the essentials of organic life: Proteins. The Protein Data Bank - PDB is the scientific source of this collection. As a scientific visualization company, we already count on years of experience working with professional accuracy with the highest standards.
DNAverse is the first project in transferring DNA data into the Metaverse by creating custom-made and unique art pieces. To do so, we will interpret scientifically and artistically the DNA data of each member of our community and implement it into art NFTs based on each member´s uniqueness, accomplishing the first and only 1 of 1 NFT, but at the same time with the benefit of being a member of the community. This is a new paradigm: All of them will be members of a big community but also they will own something UNIQUE, there is no DNA 100% equal.
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