Attributes of the DNA Passes:

Dnaverse will centrally launch 3200 DNA Passes with the following properties, but after that, at the DNA Replication Process, the properties of the replicated DNA Passes will depend on the Cryptoprotein and the chosen DNArt to create the new DNA Pass. More info on the DNA Replication Process section of this whitepaper.

Genotype. It affects to the digital genetic roots of Dnaverse, the lineage. The First 3200 DNA Passes will have these levels:

  • Level 0 (200 DNA Passes) - Reserved for Cryptoproteins owners.

  • Level 1 (500 DNA Passes)

  • Level 2 (650 DNA Passes)

  • Level 3 (850 DNA Passes)

  • Level 4 (1000 DNA Passes)

Focus: 4 possibilities. It affects to the complete design of the DNArt: Ancestry; Nutrition; Behavior; Health.

Recovery: 4 possibilities. It affects to the recovery process of the DNArt for the DNA Replication Project: Slow; Medium; Fast; Ultra fast

Soul: 18 possibilities. It is the soul transferred to the DNArt, and affects to the design of the piece: Charming; Friendly; Kind; Brave; Empathetic; Imaginative; Sincere; Passionate; Romantic; Elegant; Vibrant; Relaxed; Adventurous; Magnetic; Resilient; Generous; Courageous; Intuitive.

Chroma: 12 possibilities. It is the background of the DNArt: Olive, Ocean, Shadow, Midnight, Peach, Lavender, Beige, Salmon, Mustard, Coffee, Pearl, Cherry.

DNA Capsule: 8 possibilities. This property of the DNArt affects the wrapped box of the DNA: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Basic.

The rarity affects the design of the DNArt, the lineage of the digital genetic tree of DNAVERSE ad the possibility to generate more DNA Passes in a shorter period of time (all of that happens on the DNA Replication Process). The scientific and personalized side of the DNArt will be as accurate as possible, following the data of the DNA sample.

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