The process

The process is solid and based on scientific standards:

Owners of the NFT collection will receive at their location a DNA sample test kit. Once shipped back to the lab, the data will be analyzed and the creative team will create a customized art piece with aesthetics, digital representations and features based on the data.

First, we will receive the DNA data thanks to a sample kit, and create a unique piece of art from it, giving to your NFT the human soul through the art. After that, the community members will decide whether to store all the raw data of the DNA on the blockchain or not.

The community will rule the project, and also these decisions. In the near future, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous organization) will decide about crucial topics like Storage of Raw data, features of new collections, re-investment of a dedicated percentage of royalties from secondary sales, etc...

We truly believe in decentralization and community to achieve long-term success. That is why DNAverse will have a self-sustainable and profitable decentralized economic model. Analyzing some breeding NFT projects, we have prepared the DNA Replication Project, which will benefit early adopters of DNAverse.

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