Q2 2022

"The Genesis drop".

200 CryptoProteins scientifically accurate. Long-term value, and Genesis of all the DNAVERSE.

Q3 2022

"The DNA Drop".

3200 DNA Passes to redeem for your personalized DNArt with different traits and designs.

Q3 2022

“The DNArt design”.

Hand-made, unique and DNA data-based customization with different traits and designs. Custom scientific data about origins, nutrition, fitness, etc.

Q4 2022

Launch of the DNA Replication Project.

The decentralized economic model. Democratization and passive income business similar to the breeding process

Q1 2023

Community drivers & DAO creation.

Private events and international meetings in real life among the community members focused on the shared DNA affinities. Work for the community and their desires.


Increase the community, value & utility.

A lot of actions will take part here, like:

  • Fusion of the DNArt footprint with other Top NFT

  • Launch of other related scientific collections

  • Creation of a Tokenomic experience among the community

  • Add nutritionist and psychologist specialists at discord for guiding the health of the community

  • Supportive professionals in many areas.

  • And much more to come!

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