Revenues for staking

Cryptoproteins & DNArts are the assets for staking

There will be a minimum price for new DNA Passes, and from this point, the 200 cryptoproteins owners can set the price they want for "renting" by staking their NFTs to create new DNA Passes. The minimum price exists because there is a substantial amount of work to do for the creative process, remember this is custom-made so is not generative computer power, there are a lot of people working for it.

With the DNArt, the owners can increase the price up to 10%. So once the floor price is set, the percentages of sharing revenue come as follows:

  • CryptoProtein owner: 15% of the settled price

  • DNArt owner: 7.5% of the settled price + the % of the increase (max. 10%)

Let's face a revenue example:

A. Cryptoprotein owner had setted a price of 2 ETH for a new replicated DNA Pass with his inherited traits.

B. DNArt with genotype Level 1 had include an increasing price of +3%

A new user come to the MetaLab and choose the Cryptoprotein A and the DNArt B.

The new DNA Pass will cost 2.06 Eth

2eth+(0.03āˆ—2eth)=2.06eth2 eth + (0.03 * 2 eth) = 2.06 eth

Cryptoprotein owner will receive 0.3 Eth

2ethāˆ—0.15=0.3eth2eth*0.15 = 0.3 eth

DNArt owner will receive 0.21 Eth


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