DNA Pass

The DNA Pass is a redeemable ticket as a minting pass to get your personalized DNArt. You can not buy directly a DNArt, you can only acquire a DNA Pass and then redeem it for your DNArt. All of this has a very well-structured process, the logistics shipping company, the lab and the designers need time to deliver & interpret your DNA data in order to create your personalized DNArt (this process will be less than 40 days).

Steps to convert a DNA Pass in your personalized DNArt:

  1. Get a DNA Pass (minting it, buying it on a secondary market or replicating a new one on the DNA eplication Project)

  2. Redeeming the DNA Pass on Dnaverse dAPP (you can not trade with it after redeeming it)

  3. A DNA sample kit will arrive at your location

  4. The laboratory analyzes your data

  5. Designers create the art piece with your DNA data

  6. We send to you a complete scientific report of your DNA

  7. We send to your wallet your personalized DNArt

  8. The DNA Pass is burned

As you have seen on the steps, for redeeming the DNA Pass you will use the DNAVERSE dAPP, where, thanks to the smart contract, your DNA Pass NFT will be frozen until we deliver the DNArt to your wallet. After that, the DNA Pass redeemed will be burned.

The utility of a DNA Pass principally is for redeeming it, and getting a unique and personalized DNArt. But also, owners can keep them as a reserve of value, or trade it on secondary markets. Keep in mind that the design, the recovery and the genotype of the DNArt generated depend on the properties/traits of the DNA Pass, that's where is the difference of value among the DNA Passes on the secondary market.

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