What happens to my DNA data?

First and foremost, let’s explain the difference between DNA sequencing and genotyping DNA:

DNA Sequencing is the process that analyzes all the information included in our DNA:

  • Over 3 Billion units long

  • 99.9 % of the genome is the same in all humans

Genotyping DNA is the process that analyzes a certain number of variables, a “cut” in smaller pieces:

  • Works on the non-equal variables in the human genome, i.e. the 0.1% that makes us different

  • Hundreds of thousands of markers are analyzed (specifically the chip that DNAVERSE uses breaks down 642.824 markers)

Now that we understand the difference, how does DNAVERSE work with your DNA?

  1. We genotype your DNA using a saliva kit included with the purchase of one of DNAVERSE NFTs (both Cryptoprotein and DNA pass).

  2. Your DNA Saliva kit is sent to one of the largest genomics laboratories in Europe, where it is analyzed and subsequently destroyed.

  3. Your DNA Genotype (the 642.824 markers) is extracted by the lab and sent to a team of geneticists (DNAVERSE partners) who translate the data into a comprehensible report, which is provided to you.

  4. The genetic team also translates key markers (less than 500) into anonymised values using ad-hoc software developed by DNAVERSE for this particular purpose. It’s only at this moment when the DNAVERSE designers team uses these details to individually design and create your DNArt.

  5. DNAVERSE team does neither analyze nor manage any genetic data (not even the key markers) as those are anonymized and translated by the geneticists according to a planned patron developed by DNAVERSE.

  6. The final step. You receive a genetic study and a report together with a fully personalized DNArt.

Key takeaways regarding your data:

  • You have access to your DNA data at all times as it is yours!

  • The data can be deleted from the geneticist's database without questioning. Just ask for it. Plain simple.

  • The only personal information shared by you (at all times) is an email (when submitting your DNA Salive kit as you need access to a platform to read your report) & a wallet address (when joining the DNAVERSE whitelist or purchasing the NFs).

  • In short, no one knows your identity or who you are. Not even us.

  • If you are concerned about possible reverse engineering from a DNArt, it is simply not possible to know the markers chosen and to whom the data belongs.


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