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Properties which affect to the DNA Replication Process by themselves

There are some properties of the NFTs which affect directly to the DNA Replication Process, and are the following:

  • Recovery trait (in CryptoProteins & DNArts)

When a Cryptoprotein or a DNArt is chosen for a replication process, it will need time to rest and recover. The time needed will vary depending on its recovery trait. Being the possibilities: Ultra Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow.

  • Genotype trait (only in DNArts)

When the DNA Replication Project starts, each time that one DNArt is used to replicate a new one, the genotype will decrease following this formula:

  • Genetization Power (only in Cryptoproteins)

Other important traits of the Cryptoproteins who affect directly to the DNA Replication Process are the Genetization Power, with which you will be able to:

A. Merge your DNA with other NFTs you own and control the Intellectual Property. For example, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Basically, at Dnaverse you can customize your Bored Ape with your own DNA data. The process will be as follows:

  1. Go to the Dnaverse dAPP

  2. Connect your wallet. The user needs to have their own DNArt on his/her wallet, and also another NFT which wants to fuse it.

  3. Go to the “NFT Merge” section on the Dnaverse dAPP and choose a CryptoProtein with the concrete trait

  4. Select your DNArt & another NFT to merge.

  5. The new NFT merged & impregnated with your DNA will be at your wallet when it's ready

This process is valid to merge PFPs & 3D assets depending on the trait of the Cryptoprotein chosen.

B. Create a DNArt for your pet in real life. You will be able to analyze the DNA data of your pet and immortalize it with Dnaverse, creating a specific DNArt of your pet.

We have planned this merging process in order to add even more utility for the DNArt, merging with your DNA all the NFTs which you own the Intellectual Property. Also, this will help to improve the reach of the project, and therefore the community.

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